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Hi👋, I'm Saurabh Y (@savydv), co-creator of PeachBlack,, Engigogo.

If you're a side hustler, indie maker, digital nomad, serial entrepreneur and creator, then this newsletter is just meant for you!

I'm a serial entrepreneur who makes small startups and micro-projects. And work as a full-time developer, designer, marketer, content writer for all my endeavours. This newsletter is for the people of the same breed who handles all things as indie makers, member of a small team or early-stage startup.

Initiator creator is a weekly hand-curated newsletter full of interesting articles, links and resources divided into developer, designer, marketer, entrepreneur and must-read categories for easy digest.



How the curation process works:

I read more than 50+ websites, 30+ newsletters and many sub-reddits to curate the best and interesting content for the readers. Here is the full list.​



This newsletter may save your time of reading many newsletters and also remove irrelevant content from your life.



All of this initially started as Engigogo digest newsletter in 2018, and I've run it for one and a half year and then shut it down in October 2019 because I was not sure about the future of it. But soon after that, I was started missing it! Because the curation process helped me to get up-to-date and also motivated me about my passion for creation. So, that's why I've started it again with lots of improvements. Now it is an improved version of that newsletter.

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